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The Pilgrim Valley Ushers Ministry
The purpose of the Ushers’ Ministry is to demonstrate hospitality towards members and visitors. Our ushers serve a very prominent role at the church. The work is undergirded by scripture found in Psalms 84:10 – "For a day in thy courts is better than a thousand.  I had rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God, than to dwell in the tents of wickedness.” Ushers are often the first voice and the first interaction visitors experience at a church.  They are responsible for bringing comfort, compassion and the spirit of God’s blessings to all who enter the church doors.  Their overall mission is to be of service to the church family when needed in order to further the Lord’s message of loving one another even as God has loved us.  The Pilgrim Valley Ushers fulfill their mission by: 
  • Greeting people as they enter the service; 
  • Ensuring that worship services are orderly by determining when people enter the sanctuary.
  • Directing people to seats, providing guidance for worshippers during the offertory period, and  minimizing people walking about during service;  
  • Assisting worshippers, as needed, to be comfortable and to have the necessary tools during service, e.g. church bulletins/programs, tissues, fans, offering envelopes, or, at times, water.
  • Representing the PIlgrim Valley Missionary Baptist Church when assisting the ushers at other local church services/programs and at association and convention functions. 
The Ushers’ Ministry meets:
  • The 2nd Sunday of the month right after morning service
  • Training is scheduled every 5th Sundaya after morning service.
 The ushers of Pilgrim valley invite you to visit at any time. Our doors stand open and you are always welcome.
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